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Deleting/Reversing Accepted PTO Request

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This article is for Administrators. You must be a Time Clock Administrator to delete/reverse a PTO request.

  • Once a PTO request has been Accepted, it is possible for it to be deleted and reversed.
  • This needs to completed by a Time Clock Administrator.

Deleting/Reversing an Accepted PTO Request

  1. Navigate to Time Clock > PTO Report.
  2. Locate the PTO request within the report. Note: Verify your filter option for “PTO Status” is “All” or “Accepted”.
  3. Click the request you wish to delete/reverse.
  4. The Administrator Clock In/Out screen will open.
  5. At the bottom, click DELETE.
  6. To confirm, click OK.
  7. The hours will automatically be re-added to the employee’s PTO bank. For example, if you delete a PTO request for 12 hours, those 12 hours will be re-added to the PTO bank that was chosen at the time the request was made by the employee.
  8. Important: (a) The employee will not be automatically re-added to the schedule. (b) Once deleted, there will be no record of the original PTO request or its deletion.