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Mass Add Shifts

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This article is for Schedulers and Administrators.

About Mass Add Shifts

The Mass Add Shifts feature allows Schedulers the ability to more easily schedule multiple shifts across a single week. It is only available in the “Weekly” schedule view.

Note: To activate this feature within your organization’s account, please contact our Support Team.

Using Mass Add Shifts

  1. Navigate to “Schedule > Mass Add Shifts”.
  2. Any open shift on the schedule will appear in yellow with a pull-down.
  3. Select the member who will be working each shift.
  4. Click “Submit” at the bottom of the page.

Important: Be sure to click “Submit” prior to the time set in the “Logon Timeout” field within your member profile. If you attempt to submit the Mass Add Shifts entry after the number of minutes have passed, eSchedule will log out and you’ll lose that week’s schedule.