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Member Positions / Clearances

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This article is for Administrators.

About Member Positions / Clearances

Within the member profile, you can set which position(s)/clearances your members are able to work on the schedule. The list of available positions corresponds to the list of available positions on your schedule.

If a member is not “cleared” to work a position on your schedule, they will be able to view the shift, but they will not be able to select it (to submit a shift sign-on or shift bid).

Schedulers and Administrators can “override” a clearance while scheduling. See this article for more.

To add, re-name or remove a position on the schedule, please contact our Support Team.

Updating Member Positions / Clearances

  1. Navigate to “Administration > User Management”.
  2. Select the name of the member you wish to update.
  3. Scroll down to “Clearance (Positions)”.
  4. If the member is able to work a position/shift on the schedule, check the box in the “Cleared” column.
  5. If the member is an FTO or trainer for any given position, select the appropriate option in the “FTO/Trainer” pull-down.
  6. If the member is an intern or trainee for any given position, check the box in the “Intern/Trainee” column.
  7. Click “Update” or “Update and Close” at the bottom of the page.