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Owed Swap Report

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This article is for Schedulers and Administrators.

About the Owed Swap Report

The Owed Swap Report tracks each time a member “owes” another member as a result of a shift cover.

For example:

  • John Smith covers for Jane Roberts for a 12 hour shift
  • Jane Roberts now owes John Smith = 12 hours

The Owed Swap Report will show an entry including the shift date and that Jane owes John 12 hours.

  • Each covered shift will appear as a row in the Owed Swap Report.
  • It is not possible to delete entries in this report.
  • Use the “Export to Excel” icon at the top of the report if necessary.

Note: If you don’t see “Owed Swap Report” under the “Scheduling” menu within your account, contact our Support Team to activate.