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PTO – Displaying on Schedule

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This article is for Administrators or members who have been granted the ability to review, accept/reject PTO requests.

eSchedule offers a setting that can automatically display approved PTO requests on the schedule. If turned on, when a PTO request is Accepted, the employee will be automatically removed from their scheduled shift and added to the appropriate “PTO shift” on the schedule.


There are 4 options for displaying PTO on the schedule:

  1. Off – Will not display PTO on the schedule.
  2. Viewable by All – All members can view PTO on the schedule.
  3. Viewable only by Administrators – Only Administrators can view PTO on the schedule.
  4. Viewable only by Administrators and Schedulers – Administrators and Schedulers can view PTO on the schedule.

To update this setting for your account, please contact eSchedule Support.