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System Message

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This article is for Administrators.

About the System Message

The system message can be created/updated by any Administrator. The message appears on the dashboard and is viewable by all members upon login. It is displayed at the top of the “Messages” box.

Updating the System Message

  1. Navigate to: “Administration > System Message”.
  2. In the “System Message” box, enter your content/message. You can use the toolbar to make formatting changes including (from left to right):
    1. Headline style
    2. Bold, Italic, Underline
    3. Strikethrough
    4. Supersrcipt
    5. Subscript
    6. Remove font style
    7. Font name
    8. Font size
    9. Font color (background & foreground)
    10. Unordered list
    11. Ordered list
    12. Paragraph — justification and indent/outdent
    13. Line height
    14. Table
    15. Link
    16. Picture
    17. Video
    18. Horizontal rule

Note: There is a limit to the amount of content you can enter in the system message. You will receive the following error if the message is too long: “Current System Message Length is too long”. Reduce the length of the message and click “Update” again.

Other available tools on the toolbar include:

  1. Full screen mode
  2. Code view (HTML)
  3. Help
  4. Spell check

After creating/updating the system message, click “Update” at the bottom of the page.