Working With Form Fields

This article is for Administrators or other employees who have been given access to Add, Edit or Delete form templates within the Form Designer feature.

See also: Form Designer Basics & Helpful Tips

Working With Form Fields

Important: Save Often!

We highly recommend you click the “Save” button as much as possible when editing a form.

Field Type Examples

  • Drop Down: To create multiple options, simply add each choice with a comma separating them. When the employee fills out a form, the default option in the pull-down will always be blank. This can not be changed.

    Example: Choice1,Choice2,Choice 3 (no spaces)

    Note: Each choice can not be longer than 100 characters long.

  • Date: Will require the employee to enter a correctly formatted date.
  • Time: Will require the employee to enter a correctly formatted time (e.g. 2200 or 22:00 or 7:00).
  • Member:
    • When you first add a Member field to a form template, it will display all active users/employees in your account.
    • You can rename the field to display a subset of employees based on positions on your schedule. For example, if you rename the field from “Member” to “Paramedic” and Paramedic is a position in your account, the form will then display only cleared Paramedics in the pull-down. For more information on clearing employees for positions, see this article. (See below for renaming instructions)
    • You can add multiple Member fields and rename them as necessary. For example: Driver, Paramedic, etc.
  • Text Field: A free-form text box designed for shorter data entry.
  • Text Area: A free-form text box designed for longer data entry.
  • Checkbox: The employee can check/uncheck the box as necessary.
  • Signature: The employee can use their mouse or a tablet/iPad to sign their name on the screen.
  • Label: Used as a “title” or section header when creating a form template.
  • Blank Row: Adds a blank “row” within a column.

For organizations that utilize the Vehicle Maintenance Module:

  • Vehicle: When the Vehicle field is added to the form template, it will automatically display any vehicles that have been entered in the Vehicle Maintenance module. You will not see the list displayed when editing the form template. They will be visible on the actual form itself, however.
  • Mileage: When adding a Mileage field to the form template, any mileage entered by the employee will automatically populate in the Vehicle Maintenance Module.

    Note: When adding a Mileage field, you must select an associated Date field. You will see the following message: “From the list below, select a Date field to associate with this Vehicle field.”
Vehicle and Mileage Fields

Adding A Single Field to a Template

  • Navigate to Forms > Form Designer.
  • Click the “wrench” icon in the “Edit” column next to the name of the form template you wish to update.
  • To add a new field to your form template, locate a field type in the left-hand column, click & hold, then drag it to the desired place on the template. Release your mouse click/hold.
  • Click “Save”.

Note: (a) For newly created form templates, you need to have at least one field that has the “Display on list” and “Required” fields checked. See below for more details. (b) Field labels have a maximum of 100 characters including spaces.

Adding Multiple Fields

  • While editing your template, next to the “Save” button is a box for “Multi-add”. Enter the number of fields you wish to add.
  • Drag & drop the fields onto your template. Doing so will add the chosen number of fields.

2-Column Forms

Form templates can be setup as 1-column or 2-column. To create a 2-column form, simply drag & drop the field(s) to the right-hand side of the page.

Important: Once a 2-column form template has been created, it will remain as 2-column indefinitely, even if you remove all fields from the right-hand column.

Re-Ordering Fields

  • You can “drag & drop” fields as necessary in order to re-order them.
  • Locate the field you wish to move, click & hold, drag the field to the desired place and then release your click/hold. Note: You can move fields between columns as needed.
  • Click “Save”.

Note: The left-hand column must have more fields than right-hand column.

Deleting a Field

  • Click the “X” in the upper-right hand corner of the field.
  • Caution!! Once a field is deleted and the form template is saved, any prior submission data will be permanently deleted. Consider exporting any necessary submissions to Excel prior to deletion.

Display on List & Column Rank

Next to most field types, you can choose to have submission data viewable on the “list” view. This determines the columns that are displayed when viewing the submissions. To display the submission data, check the “Display on list” box. You can modify the column rank by updating the number in the pull-down that appears. For example, a rank of “1” will display that data in the most left-hand column on the list view.


  • “Text Area” fields can not be displayed on the list view.
  • The Form ID field/column can not be hidden from this view.

Renaming a Field Label

  • Double click on the field label.
  • Make any necessary changes.
  • Click anywhere else on the screen to store the label change.
  • Click “Save”.

Required Fields

By checking the box next to “Required”, it will make the field required when your employee completes a form submission. You must have at least one required field (as well as one “Display on List” field).