Enter Time

This article is for Time Clock Administrators or members that have been granted access to this feature.

About Enter Time

The Enter Time feature allows a member the ability to enter time worked at any point (start time and end time). If activated, this feature can be accessed from anywhere; it does not use the restrictions set within the Authorize Time Clock PC’s screen.

Common Uses

  • Organizations that do not want to have members clock in at the start of the shift. In lieu of this, they can use the Enter Time screen to enter time worked.
  • Members can enter time for “off-site” for things like training classes, travel, conferences, meetings or other administrative time.
  • Time Clock Administrators can enter time for any member (an alternative to the Administrator Clock In/Out).

Depending on the settings within your organization’s account, time entered in “Enter Time” may automatically appear on the Exception Report. If approval is required, time entered will appear as a pending exception with the code of “MCIO”. The time entry will immediately appear on the member’s time card with the pending exception code.

Entering Time

  1. Navigate to “Time Clock > Enter Time”.
  2. Member – If you’re an Administrator, select the name of the member.
  3. Activity – Select an activity type. If “Other” is selected, complete the “Other” field.
  4. Start Date/Time & End Date/Time – Enter the time worked.
  5. Comments – Enter pertinent comments.
  6. Click “Clock In”.
  7. At this point, depending on your organization’s settings, the time entry may appear on the Exception Report as “pending”.

Editing & Deleting Time with Enter Time

Depending on your organization’s settings, you may be able to edit and/or delete your entered time. If this feature is turned on, you will only be able to edit/delete time until:

  • Your timecard is approved with a signature (if applicable)
  • Your organization has activated a “Time Clock Lock“.

To edit/delete time:

  1. Navigate to “Time Clock > Time Card”.
  2. In the “In” column, click on the shift you wish to edit.
  3. If updating, make any necessary changes and click “Update”.
  4. If deleting, click “Delete”.