Time Clock Lock

This article is for customers that have the “Time Clock Lock” feature active and have at least one employee setup with the “Time Clock Administrator” role.

About Time Clock Lock

This features allows the ability to lock out time card edits after a certain date & time. Any employee who has the “Time Clock Administrator” role active in their profile can set a “lock date and time” which will prevent any changes after that time including:

  • Time card edits/additions
  • Clock ins/outs
  • PTO requests
  • Exception handling

Video Help

Time Clock Lock

Creating a Time Clock Lock

  • In the menu, navigate to Time Clock > Set Time Clock Lock Date/Time
  • Enter a new lock date in the “New Lock Date:” field (e.g. 4/1/2020)
  • Enter a new lock time in the “Time:” field. (e.g. 23:00)
  • Enter a comment (required; minimum of 20 characters).
  • Click “Insert Lock”.