Multi-Punch Clock In/Out

This article is for Time Clock Administrators. You must have the “Time Clock Administrator” role active under “Time Clock Rights” in your member profile in order to manage time clock exceptions.

About Multi-Punch Clock In/Out

The Multi-Punch Clock In/Out feature allows you to add time to multiple member’s time cards at once. It is a great tool for things like classes, meetings or other events that have multiple members working the same date/time range.

Using the Multi-Punch Clock In/Out

  1. Complete the multi-punch form including all necessary fields.
  2. Enter Individual Times – Checking this box will change the view and allow you to enter custom start & end date/times for each employee for the same event.
  3. Activity – Select an activity type. If “Other” is selected, complete the “Other” field.
  4. Pay Type – Select a pay type.
  5. Start Date / Time & End Date / Time – Enter the start and end of the event.
  6. Comments – Enter pertinent comments (required).
  7. Select Members – All members within your organization will appear by default. Click the box next to each member’s name.
    • Use the filter/search options above the member list to only display certain member’s names.
    • Click “Refresh” after selecting the search criteria. Important: Clicking refresh will erase the information entered.
    • Use the “Select/Deselect All” checkbox to either select all members or unselect all members.
  8. Click “Clock In”.
  9. You’ll see a confirmation message. e.g. “10 member(s) have been clocked in/out”.
  10. At this point, all selected member’s time cards have been updated with the additional time.