Transfer Shifts (formerly Process Shifts)

This article is for Time Clock Administrators. You must have the “Time Clock Administrator” role active under “Time Clock Rights” in your member profile in order to use this feature

About Transfer Shifts

Important: This feature is not active in most eSchedule accounts by default. For more information or to activate this feature for your organization, please contact our Support Team.

The “Transfer Shifts” feature (formerly known as “Process Shifts”) allows you to automatically transfer all (or some) scheduled shifts (date and time) from the Scheduling Module to the Time Clock Module.

It will instantly move the shifts to each employee’s timecard. This can be done for one day or multiple days at a time. Once transferred, time clock administrators can manipulate time cards, as needed, prior to running payroll.

This feature is generally used by organizations who’s members:

  • Are salaried
  • Don’t clock in/out
  • Have relatively few exceptions or variations in their schedule

Using Process Shifts

  1. Navigate to “Time Clock > Process Shifts”.
  2. Select a date range.
  3. Click “Go”.
  4. You will receive a confirmation message showing the # of shifts transferred. They will now appear on each member’s time card.