This article applies to Schedulers and Administrators.

About Recurrences

You can easily schedule members who work a recurring shift pattern (rotation). The available list of shift recurrences within your account can be altered by our Support Team. To add a new recurrence pattern, or remove an unused pattern, please contact us.

Adding a Member to a Recurring Shift

  1. Click on the first shift for which the member will be scheduled.
  2. Select the member name and confirm the shift times.
  3. Click “Recurrence”.
  4. Select the recurrence pattern you wish to schedule.
    1. Any custom recurrences will appear first in the list.
    2. Standard recurrence patterns will appear next:
      1. Every week
      2. Every other week
      3. Every 4th week
      4. First / Second / Third / Fourth / Fifth (if any)
      5. Days of the week
  5. In the “Ends on or before” box, select a date. This date is how far in the future the member will be scheduled on the selected recurrence pattern.

    Important: We recommend only scheduling recurrences up to 12 months into the future. Selecting a date farther than that may cause the system to time out and give you an error.
  6. Click “Sign On”.

Removing a Member From a Single Shift Within a Recurrence

  1. Click on the shift for which you want to remove the member.
  2. Click “Sign Off”.
  3. This will remove the member from only this shift while keeping all future shifts in tact.

Removing a Member From All Future Instances of a Scheduled Recurring Shift

  1. Click the first instance of the shift for which you want to remove the member.
  2. Click “Sign Off All Occurrences”.
  3. Click “Ok”.
  4. At this point, the member will be removed from the shift you clicked on as well as all future shifts on the schedule. Any shifts prior to that date will remain in tact.