Schedule Views & Preferences

This article applies to all eSchedule users.

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Navigating the Schedule

About Schedule Views & Preferences

On the schedule taskbar, a number of icons appear allowing you to control the various schedule views and your personal preferences.

From left to right, the options include:

  • Previous — prior day/week/month schedule
  • Hourly schedule view
  • Daily graphical schedule view
  • Weekly graphical schedule view
  • Weekly spreadsheet schedule view
  • Monthly schedule view
  • Monthly roster view
  • Show availability (Scheduler or Administrator only)
  • Schedule preferences (see below)
  • View (schedule filters) — select a different schedule view/filter
  • Calendar — jump to a future date
  • Next — next day/week/month schedule

Schedule Preferences — General

To alter your Schedule Preferences, click the icon to the left of the “view” pull-down on the schedule taskbar.

Default Schedule — Your preferred/default schedule view. When you login to eSchedule and click “Schedule”, whatever you select here will display by default.

Default View — Your preferred schedule view/filter.

Shift Time — Toggles the display of shift times next to each member’s name.

EMT Level — Toggles the display of any custom levels your organization may have configured. These appear as red/white letters next to a member’s name. For example, if a member is a trainer, field training officer or any other custom position/level, we can setup custom letters to appear next to their name. To configure, contact our Support Team.

Recurrence Icon — Toggles the black rotating arrows icon next to member’s name on the schedule. Indicates a recurring shift on the schedule.

Closed Shifts — Schedulers/Administrators only. Toggles the display of closed shifts on the schedule. See Open/Closing Shifts

Shift Notes — Toggles the display of shift notes next to each member’s name on the schedule. Shift notes can be viewed by all members if they have this active. (Note: By default, shift notes are viewable by all members. A configuration setting is available to hide shift notes from basic members.)

Schedule Views (Filters)

A number of default views exist including “All” as well as views for each of the shift types, departments or divisions on your schedule template. Our Support Team can setup custom views for you. For example, if you’d like to have a view for a select set of shifts.

Schedule Preferences — Monthly View

Within the Monthly schedule view, there is the ability to change the placement of the position.

Schedule Filters — Monthly Roster

A number of filters are available on the Monthly Roster view including:

  • Member Type (compensated vs. volunteer)
  • Shift Name
  • Position
  • Shift Time
  • Shift Hour (the number of hours scheduled per shift)
  • Export to Excel