Scheduling Basics for Schedulers

This article is for Schedulers or Administrators.

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Assigning Someone to a Shift

  1. Locate and click on the shift you wish to assign someone to. Note: the Monthly and Monthly Roster schedule views do not allow for shift assignment. Daily, Hourly & Weekly views do allow for shift assignment. You can change your default view within schedule preferences.
  2. Select the name of the member who will be working the shift. The pull-down for “Member” will initially give you only members that are “cleared” to work the position that you clicked on.

    For example, if you clicked on a “Firefighter” shift, the list of names in the “Member” pull-down will only show firefighters that are cleared to work that shift.

    This does not take into account any availability that may have been submitted nor PTO. The list will show you all firefighters regardless.

    The number next to each member’s name (e.g. John Doe (35) is the number of currently scheduled hours for the current pay week.
  3. If you need to override the clearance/position, click the “all” link next to the “Member” pull-down. This will display all members within your organization.
  4. Confirm / update the shift time(s) as needed. See Splitting a shift.
  5. Add a recurrence if necessary. See Shift Recurrences / Rotations.
  6. Add “Shift Notes” as necessary. By default, shift notes are viewable by all members. A configuration setting is available to hide shift notes from basic members (contact Support).
  7. Click “Sign-On”.
  8. You will see “shift added” at the top of the schedule view.

Removing Someone From a Shift

  1. Locate and click on the shift you wish to remove someone from.
  2. To remove them from only this instance of a shift, click “Sign Off”. To remove them from this instance and all future scheduled shifts on an existing recurrence, click “Sign Off All Occurrences”. See Shift Recurrences / Rotations.
  3. Click “Ok”.
  4. You will see “signed off shift” at the top of the schedule view.