Splitting a Shift / Changing Shift Times

This article is for Schedulers or Administrators.

Splitting a Shift / Changing Shift Times

When signing a member on to a shift (or update an existing scheduled shift), you can easily “split” the shift.

  1. Click on the shift you want to work with.
  2. Choose the member you wish to assign.
  3. Click “Other”.
  4. Alter the “Start Hour” and “End Hour” (hours and minutes).
  5. When you click “Sign On”, eSchedule will only place the member on for the selected time range. The software will automatically create another shift for the balance of the initially chosen shift.

    For example:

    Shift time on the template: 0700-1900

    John Doe is assigned to: 0900-1600

    eSchedule will automatically create two additional open shifts to cover the balance: 0700-0900 and 1600-1900.
  6. To close any portion of a shift, see Opening & Closing Shifts.