Submitting Availability

This article if for members who are submitting availability within the Scheduling Module.

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Submitting Availability

About Availability

Availability is used by Schedulers to place staff into open shifts that exist in the future.

How to Submit Availability

  1. Navigate to “Schedule > Submit Availability”.
  2. The availability screen generally defaults to the following calendar month. To navigate to a different month, use the back or forward arrows in the bar just above the availability calendar.
  3. On the availability calendar, the default selection for any given day is “Unavailable” (at the bottom of the day).
  4. If you’re available to work, click the checkbox(es) for that correspond with the shifts/times that you’re available.
  5. Depending on your organization’s settings, you may be able to enter availability for multiple sets of custom time ranges. Check the box next to each custom time range and enter the start time and end time for which you’re available to work.
  6. Once your availability is complete for the month, click “Update” (at the top or bottom of the page).
  7. You can make changes to your availability at any time (see below) and click “Update” as needed.

    Note: Some organizations have a deadline for which availability is due each month. For example, availability for the following month may be due by the 15th of the prior month (no later than 2359 hrs ET). If this is the case, your organization may “lock” the availability screen to prevent any additions or updates to your availability after that date each month.