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My Schedule

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This article applies to all eSchedule users.

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My Schedule


A list of your upcoming scheduled shifts will appear on the dashboard (“My Schedule”).

My Schedule

  1. Navigate to “Schedule > My Schedule”.
  2. The default view is a graphical calendar.
  3. To alter the placement of the position within each day, click the “Schedule Preferences” icon in the Schedule Taskbar.
  4. Click the “View more sort options” icon to alter the My Schedule view.

  5. You can toggle between “Calendar” and “List” views.
  6. After switching to the List view, clicking the “View more sort options” icon again will display additional filters.

  7. Update the date range and click the “arrows” icon to refresh the list of your upcoming shifts.
  8. You can also print a list of your upcoming shifts by clicking the “Print” button.

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Viewing Other Employee’s Schedules Within My Schedule

Viewing Employee Schedule via “My Schedule”

As a Scheduler, it is sometimes helpful to see a monthly schedule view for an individual employee. Watch the video to learn more: